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Participants will use the long runway of the Airport heading out to Argonaut highway. Participants will then turn right at Rizal Highway then turn left to Subic-Tipo Expressway. Participants will bike all the way to Tipo Exit, and then enter the roads of SCTEX (Subic-Tarlac Express Way). From SCTEX participants will head to the turnaround at Florida Blanca Interchange. Make a Turnaround then head back to Tipo gate. Participants will then enter Subic Bay, using the Subic Tipo Expressway heading back to Rizal Highway and Argonaut Highway heading to SBECC (Subic Bay Convention Center). Participants will enter SBECC and head to the parking lot for Transition 2. Participants would rack their bikes and start the 21km run.


The 21km Run will start from SBECC, participants will run out towards the roads of Efficiency Ave heading to a road which exits Binictican Drive. Exiting Binictican drive participants will head to Maritan Road heading to Causeway Road. Participants will head to Argonaut Highway passing through the airport. They will head to Dungaree for the turnaround point. From the turnaround participants will follow the same route heading back to SBECC. Once inside SBECC participants will head to the entrance of the compound for the finish line of the race.

Note: Subject to change without prior notice.


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