What about performance improvements

ROCKTAPE has developed a new protocol for taping called “Power Taping”. By taping all the muscle groups associated with a particular sport, we create a sports specific bio-kinetic chain. For example, with cyclists, we tape the calves, quads and hip flexors. With these muscles taped, they become “engaged”, both mechanically and mentally.

This ensures two things:

  1. Mechanically the groups are linked and operate in a coordinated fashion. This ensures that when power is applied to the pedals it is done as efficiently as possible (i.e. no splayed knees, hips are balanced, etc). Also, ROCKTAPE increases blood flow to these areas, which promotes endurance and recovery.
  2. Mentally, we send signals to the brain that originate from the sensor receptors on the skin that have been activated by the tape. This sensory stimulation can be very powerful. For example, elite athletes are very good at pushing through pain but at some point the brain determines that there is a safety issue and slows activity. By telling the brain that there is additional support available via the tape, the brain allows the athlete to push a little harder than if he/she did not have tape.

Whether used for enhanced performance, muscle repair, stability management, or recovery, ROCKTAPE can be a valuable component in the athlete’s toolkit.


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