What does it do?

ROCKTAPE provides the athlete with additional endurance and promotes recovery.

How does it work?

When applied properly, ROCKTAPE lifts the skin away from the muscle, increasing circulation. Resulting in more oxygen available to the muscles and promoting lymphatic drainage, which assists in the removal of lactic acid.

Is it difficult to apply?

Not at all. If you can apply tape, you can apply ROCKTAPE. There are instructions in every box and more than a dozen instructional videos can be viewed here.

Will it work under compression shorts?

When worn under compression shorts, ROCKTAPE’s lifting mechanism is unavailable. But as soon as the shorts are removed, the tape can begin to lift and help promote recovery.

How long will it last?

ROCKTAPE can be worn 2-3 days. It is 100% organic cotton and can be worn while swimming or in the shower.

How much does it cost?

Each roll retails for: (a) Plain Colored Rocktape, Php750.00 per 5metres length by 5cm width, Php1,575.00 per 5metres by 10cm width (b) Rocktape with Designs, Php800.00 per 5metres length by 5cm width, Php1,650.00 per 5metres by 10cm width. A roll will last for about 10-20 applications, or about one to two months, depending on frequency and length of applications.

* Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
* Special Pricing for Rockdocs (just present any valid ID when purchasing.
* Special Pricing for Distributors. Email info@rocktape.ph for Distributorship Agreement.

One thought on “FAQS

  1. cocoy gabriel

    I have taken other Kinesiology taping courses, can I skip FMT Level I and take a Level II?

    No. Our FMT Level 1 course lays the foundation for understanding FMT’s approach to kinesiology taping and outlines many of the differences in taping applications vs other courses. There will be new things to learn and other taping applications to ‘unlearn’ before moving onto Level 2. For this reason, we require you to take the Level 1 course before moving onto the Level 2.


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